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We provide customized placement services to help you find your dream career. Trust us to tailor opportunities to your career goals and get started today by contacting us. Let us assist you to achieve your dreams with our expertise and commitment to excellence.



Rajdhani Airways offers 100% placement opportunities for aspiring students in the aviation industry or hotel. We believe that students work hard to secure the best possible best opportunities, and our placement services aim to fulfill their dreams. Not only do we provide placements within our own company, but we also help our trainees secure jobs with other reputable aviation companies. At Rajdhani Airways, we understand the importance of quality training and placement services for students' future careers. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that our trainees receive the best training possible and are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their careers. Join us today to kickstart your dream career in the aviation industry!

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Rajdhani Airways is a company that offers placement opportunities to both external and internal students.

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